Friday, September 29, 2023


 It’s starting to look like the left actually likes violent crime against innocent citizens.


The Racist Hall of — Broken — Mirrors

 There is reasonable awareness of injustice and legacies of oppression…and there is also blatent absurdity.


“Trickle-down” one-party state

 It begins with massive voter fraud and collusion by big media, big banks, big — incompetent — “education.”  Next, a concerted effort by the courts to eliminate opposing views and candidates for office.  After that, the use of financial institutions to strip wrongthink from participating in the public square.  Then, so-called capitalist institutions are lined up to obey leftist ideology or be persecuted out of existence.

At some point — this has already started — the state and it’s cooperative legions coerce, punish, and destroy the lives of common citizens who dare believe in traditional values, the rule of law, and sound policy to maintain a prosperous successful civilization.

If you don’t think that the emerging totalitarian enterprise is the number one threat facing us, you’re going to be in for a big surprise.  

The Jacobin rabble has no use for you beyond your initial deluded support for their “revolution.”  

Thursday, September 28, 2023


In a nutshell…

One political party and ideology has effectively gained control over the country’s government, social infrastructure, and legal system and is using this alliance to punish opposition and coerce the county’s citizen into compliance to their every whim. 


Don’t Let Trump Cheat in the Election “Again”…

 Demand voter ID, paper ballots, one-day voting, and no drop boxes or “ballot harvesters.”  



🎼🎶🎶 Own nothing and…

 …be happy.


Payback is going to be Sweet



It has Nothing to do With an Illness

 And everything to do with forced compliance.


Make way

 For the  New Democrat voting block.


 Ya just gotta love it.

Tuesday, September 26, 2023



 No surprise


The Evil, Incompetant, and Treacherous Democomm Party Absolutely…

 …stole the election (s).

Who successfully runs on a platform of, “I will diminish your freedoms, reduce your living standards, and compel you to obey commands under threat of punitive coercion?”


Predictions from the Past

 I believe I’ve posted this a couple of times over the years.  I don’t know who wrote it (I failed to record such critical information when I initially copied the text).  It never fails to “blow my mind.”  I can’t find the original lengthily post.

I first read this at least ten years ago, before Trump or Biden were on the presidential radar.  I recall the entire article was brilliant. The writer had an impressive knowledge and understanding of history and what he wrote in the following excerpt continues to pass from speculation to outright prophesy each and every day. 

Of course, we don’t need a divination technique to know that the Biden administration is destroying the United States beyond repair. The writer had noted the devastating astrological configurations at Lincoln’s inauguration (thus symbolizing the state of America during his term). Apparently astrological indicators were far worse during Biden’s inauguration. ‘An excerpt below — again, this was written OVER ten years ago:

“[It is] imperative to understand that no president has ever taken office on a day so horribly ill-starred as Jan. 20, 2021. Not by a country mile. That day (along with those close around it) is not only worse for natalizing anything than any previous inauguration day, it is by itself much worse than all of the unfavorable examples presented in this study – the worst of the worst – combined. The sky of that day, if natalized in the chart of a presidential administration as the Constitution now provides, is a prime setup for a cataclysmic meltdown of the United States as we know it.”[…]

[…]”symbolic of gross dishonor and betrayal. In this context think high treason, very possibly committed by the president personally or by someone critically positioned in the administration.”[…]



 Appraisal of Wikipedia .  Another cog in the wheel of the leftist industrial complex. 

Monday, September 25, 2023




Majesty and Tribulation —

A “micro”-symphony in four movements.  

I stitched together some previous compositions and added an orchestrated scherzo to make this mini-symphony (just under sixteen minutes).  I hope some can see the symbolism.  

The art is among my favorite; 19th century, Edwardian, and Symbolist works with a few Romantic landscape paintings.   Some of the engravings and etchings are from my collection accumulated over the years.

(If you think it’s worthy, please give it a “thumbs up” as I think that increases its exposure).

Sunday, September 24, 2023


Klaus Schwab…

 In under five minutes.


The Faces (fasces?) of Antifa

 Now featuring three “persons of color!”


Your Government Schools at Work

 Doing what “progressive education” has always planned to do.


Intelligence and stupidity….

 A repost from several years back.  

Saturday, September 23, 2023


The State and it’s Minions

We could literally, completely eliminate half the federal government and the only difference would be increased prosperity and a return to constitutionally guaranteed freedoms.  Departments of state are a massive burden on society, seldom accomplish any of their stated goals, and have become a powerful instrument of oppressive authority.  

The Democomms have the nerve to perpetually whine that they’re somehow “saving democracy” (from the fascist scourge of lower taxes, deregulation, and a return to the values of a constitutional republic). 

When the U.S. falls, there will be nowhere to hide. 


Don’t forget….the government itself (the “justice” department, CIA, FBI, etc.).


To think, there are actually people who think they are “rebels” because they oppose Trump.  The emerging totalitarian mega-state?, not a problem.


Government by Bureauclown

For some reason the Blogger app or Fox is not letting me actually link to this article.  But, the headline pretty much sums up the blatent arrogance of the Marxist ruling class.

Thursday, September 21, 2023


 Nailed it


 Cultural Marxism is an insult to honesty.

Some beliefs are just plain stupid. Dark-skinned people — for what it’s worth — have contributed plenty to humanity’s cultural legacy. There’s no reason to pretend they built Stonehenge. 



 I love the 19th century — no doubt a conservative thing. And, no, not because of “racism and “colonialism,” or the “patriarchy.”  Mostly because of the arts of the period — grand, majestic, and profound. 

Anyway, I want to stitch together some short pieces I’ve composed into a (very) short symphony. All I required was a scherzo and worked one up over the last couple of weeks.  I literally whistled the piece and sent it to “Franco,” a guy on the Fiverr website to be orchestrated.  Thus far he performed this piano version and it came out quite well.  

Wednesday, September 20, 2023


Crusaders for Altruism and Self Aggrandizement

If a powerful wealthy institition presents itself as a crusader for “social Justice,” their motives should be looked at with considerable suspicion.


 Nothin to see here…

Tuesday, September 19, 2023


Says it All

Considering it’s long history…the planet is fine.  It’s in far better condition than he’s going to be in if poetic Justice plays any role in his miserable life. 



When “Conspiracy Theories” Chrystalize

 before our eyes.


Trump’s “Dark Night of Fascism”…

Releasing people who were protesting while conservative.


 Had enough yet.

Monday, September 18, 2023


 They’re no longer even hiding it.  They want their communist “revolution” and they want it now.

Saturday, September 16, 2023


The “Contributions” of Phantoms


 I don’t want to minimize the genuine achievements of diverse groups and cultures but,  this is absurd.

Let’s have a little respect for basic geography and history.  

The link above is to a post on the Gab website. I should note that the accusations are true — there are racists on Gab. From what I’ve seen thus far over the last couple of years, Racist/Nazi type posts are about 5% of what I see on Gab, depending of course on the subject being addressed. Of course,  topics like the one linked to are going to be a magnet for such types.  By far, the most “fringe” posts on the site are those of evangelicals — who do not post racist material. 

I have to seriously consider that a small fraction are actually lefties seeking to skew the site’s image — Jussie Smollett style.   I just roll my eyes up at such nonsense and block such characters. 

I’m a free speech absolutist.  If what is posted is legal and doesn’t actually promote violence, I don’t care how warped their worldview is. Most sane and decent people are not on board with Racist/Nazi nonsense. Conservatives are not collectivists — Nazis, communists, and racists are. Learn to roll your eyes up, yawn, and recognize that, among the many viewpoints out there, some are reprehensible.  

The choice between living in a world with reprehensible speech or censored speech is a no-brainer.  

Certainly, “yelling ‘Fire!’ In a crowded theater” shouldn’t be permitted…but that doesn’t mean people should be prevented from attending theaters.

Friday, September 15, 2023


Woke and cringe  all in one package — pathetic, 


From the Babylon Bee



The Left’s Worldview

 Virtualy every value and policy decision that the left holds is based on a a simple but passionate disagreement with three concepts — private,  individual, and freedom. 

Thursday, September 14, 2023


The Establishment Media is Worthless

 It’s absolutely insane now watching legacy media go out of their way to defend Joe Biden from impeachment for actual provable crimes — major crimes.  This is the same phony clique of BS artists whose reporting on Donald Trump was the opposite.  With Trump, media was an additional prosecutor. With Biden, they’re on non-stop defense.

They just look downright stupid.  


If Ya Don’t Kiss the Democrats’ ass…

 …you’re a — wait for it — “RACIST!”

Wednesday, September 13, 2023




Of Course

 It’s okay when they do it.

Tuesday, September 12, 2023


The administrative state. 


Another Benefit

 Brought to you by  Democrats.


 The basics


 The gender transition scheme for teens is absolute nonsense…terrible nonsense.

Monday, September 11, 2023


Democomm Game Plan

 On the accelerator


A Laugh a Minite

The repeated Democomm talking points about “threats to our democracy” is laughable coming from an institution that daily seeks to undo the constitutional order and impose edicts, commands, and punitive control over a one-party state. 

The first order of business by anti-establishment forces should be a reaffirmation of our constitution and scaling back every bureau monolith to nonexistence. 


 Establishment media keeps missing the point.

Sunday, September 10, 2023


White Supremacy on the Ascent

 Jack Smith and his fellow brigade of deranged autocrat functionaries are going to be soooo embarrased some day. ‘Talk about clueless fools.


The Archetypal Nature of Art Imitating life

Art and entertainment often knows what’s coming when most others only know as it’s taking place.

‘Not like it hasn’t happened before.


“One Earth,” “One family,” “One future”

 …“One ring to rule them all.”

Your new unelected “leadership” continues their move toward unlimited global authority.

If you’re conservative, you don’t like the plan.

If you’re a leftist, you’re not going to like this either. It just took you longer to catch on. 



I thought only white people couldn’t dance🤪

 She’s fatter than I thought…as well as stupid.


Biden, Democrats, and Socialism….

every time. 

Saturday, September 09, 2023


 Police State

Thursday, September 07, 2023


Majesty and Tribulation


This is a piece I originally wrote for piano with eventual orchestration in mind.  

Special thanks to contributors to Pixabay and Pexels for some stock footage and to Franco at the Fiverr website for orchestrating the work to my specs.

There are two versions uploaded. One has more engaging video footage but some terrible audio distortion in places (thanks to the iMovie app).  The other is less visually engaging but has a clean audio track.


Where are all the “Women and children” going to go?

 Last time it was Visigoths.  And that took 500-1,000 years to straiten out. Now, it’s….?

Wednesday, September 06, 2023


The “Revolution’s” number one tactic…

Undermine the family

Public school teachers are nothing more than government bureaucrats. Their job is to educate students in basic knowledge and skills.  

America’s constitution does not allow for state indoctrination of partisan political/cultural values. Teachers that deliberately undermine the values of families should be removed from schools, tried, and punished for their corruptions against children.

Tuesday, September 05, 2023


Cultural Marxism

 Now…ain’t this a surprise.


“White Supremicists” and “Nazis”

 …working for the Man


The FBI and Department of “Justice”

 “Worse than Pearl Harbor and 9/11”

Monday, September 04, 2023


Globalization and Another Flip in Semantics

The left used to be anti-war, anti-censorship, and opposed to “the Man.”  Of course now the Man, whether “he” be mega-corporations, federal intelligence and police agencies, or corrupt alphabet agency autocrats, is defended and adored by every faux-hippy and suburban Che fan.

Another notable switch in semantics has occured in how we define and appraise “Globalization.”

“Globalization” of twenty years ago is not the same as “globalization” today — ask Klaus Schwab and company. 

It wasn’t that long ago that globalization meant the spread of McDonalds francises, Coke far and wide, and Hollywood adventure flicks poured neatly into every head.  Alongside these kitsch expressions of free commerce was a tacit understanding that freedom, dignity, and prosperity were the wave of the future — something every Jacobin thug could hate thoroughly.  

Back then, globalization meant, to a very large degree, Americanization — to the left, what’s not to hate about that?

But now….the collectivists themselves have heisted the noble globalization goal. They’ve just latched on to its new definitions.

Instead of the spread of Disney and Starbucks, the new global gameplan is “fifteen minute cities,” “sustainable development,” and “Agenda 2030,” mass surveillance, and a global population under the thumb of unelected philosopher kings seeking to design a new world with them in charge.

In irony of ironies, who tacitly approves of this dystopian sci-fi plot?  It’s the old Jacobin commies of yesteryear with a new crop of thoroughly indoctrinated followers — teachers, tech kids, and basement dwelling “____sexuals” whose only real mastery of language is an ever widening vocabulary of pronouns. 

In the topsy-turvy polarity shift of our time, who looks with suspicion and disdain upon the new expressions of globalization?  It’s Joe and Jane worker, middle class families, farmers, “flyover - country” and anyone else now rejecting Bud Light and Target’s transwear. 

Right is right and left is left and never the twain shall meet —  but they just might completely switch places.

Right is right and left continues to be…autocratic and stupid.


To prison for religious nerds

 The leftist thugs currently running the show will no doubt fully deserve the poetic Justice that is likily to be thrown back into their faces at some point.

The abortion issue is difficult and philosophically complex. It’s not an issue that I personally get worked up over much.  I don’t “oppose a woman’s right to choose” but do think it’s downright creepy that some gleefully celebrate very late-term abortions.

This is way beyond the abortion issue. ‘Another example of a thuggish communist-leaning Democrat party imposing incredibly rigid legal punishments on conservative protestors.

Apparently it’s now open season on religious nerds…years in prison, as examples to anyone who may anger the all-powerful Democrat communist party.

I wouldn’t want to be a leftist judge in coming years.


Amazing…the fuckin nerve

 Marxists in Germany build a wall to make prisoners of their citizens and modern day Marxists equate that with wanting to keep invaders out — absolutely priceless


Rules and Commands

Rules and commands, 

The people be damned,

The left’s on a roll, they’ve taken a toll

To ravage your life with horror and strife

In a country once great, they’ve stolen our fate,

And spiraled us down, we’re likely to drown

In fabrications and lies from men wearing ties.

While media kings fact check our lives and tell us blue ain’t the color of sky. 

With phony hugs and shoulder shrugs Biden loves his Marxist thugs, in the streets and ruling state, the worthless kings direct our fate. 

With cons and scams and blanket bans they set the stage for full control, the scheming swine are on a roll. 

The budding tyrants have almost won, 

They’ll do what commies have always done.

They kill, destroy, and mass-imprison to try again their pathetic vision.

The people be damned under rules and commands. We cower before the pompous feet, enslavement to a global elite.

The time is near, when chains will break, response to evil comes the day when evil ways will surly pay. 

When we all regain our rights, it will truly be an awesome sight. 

So, show some decency and show some class and shove your fifteen minute cites and  sustainable 2030 projects up your ass. 

Sunday, September 03, 2023


 Brilliant !


The Wavering Allegiance

What’s with many cops around the world today who play along with this leftist coup nonsense. They’re like the dogs in “Animal Farm” serving the pigs.

How hard would it be for a decent cop with a moral compass to say, “I stand with America’s constitution and innocent citizens and their rights, and I refuse to serve the interests of a clique of authoritarian usurpers.”

Saturday, September 02, 2023





 …another cause for reasonable skepticism.

Friday, September 01, 2023


All TDS and no play make late night “comedy” dour and UNfunny

A lot of people have noticed a pathetic decline in genuine humor  from late night “comedy” hosts in recent years.  It isn’t just overdone political rants in general. It’s leftist politics specifically.  

The Greg Gutfeld show  has reintroduced humor to late night viewers and the show is clearly political, but it’s not follow-the-leader liberal diatribes. 

Things are funny when a comedian points out an absurdity we all know to be true. Conservative comedy is sarcastic, mocking, and insightful when surveying the cultural/political landscape.  It exhibits a major trait of conservatism, an awareness of reality.   Can anyone really say that whining about “injustice” or rallying allegiance to smug woke dictates is…funny?

Put someone like Dave Chappell or Bill Burr on a late night comedy show and you’d have a genuinely hilarious show.  Put Trevor Noah, or Colbert in the slot and people will be changing the channel to watch Gutfeld.


The Lies of State and the People Who Love Them

 Remember, the left supports this  The left is the ally of the state. The left’s sympathies are with powerful global corporations, a lying news media, and the government.  Who they are not allied with and who they despise are common working people, traditional values, honesty, and decency.

Their “altruism” and phony claims of rallying for “justice” are as bogus as their personal lives.


What is it going to take to convince half of America’s population that their government is outta control.


 There’s gonna be hell to pay.

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